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Tacoma - As we roam the city concrete plains, the purpose of this project of ours is to play this music and tell these tales.
Whenever possible we throw in a twist, a twang and a punchline.
We all come from different places and settings, and as is often the case in a gang or a posse-we ride for the fun and heck of it-but we mean every word, every note, every beat.
Please feel free to take a stroll on our website and listen to our music, write on our wall, sign up to our newsletter and more.
And remember !!! Tacoma is comming soon to a stage near you.

Thomas Houe:
I bought a fine guitar. When I started playing it, these songs amongst many other emerged.
I don’t know why they turned out the way they did.
But I do know that I couldn’t have written them at any other time. They just weren’t really there.
Perhaps a few of them has been lurking around at the back of my head through the years, but it’ wasn’t until I bought that fine guitar that they matured.
Maybe they sound the way they do because I’m a hillbilly-cowboy-trucker-romantic fool.
But being a father, a husband and a working man has probably also something to do with the expression these songs represent.
They are not fine art. And some may argue that these songs are not very original or interesting, but I have reached an age where I don’t really care.
However I’m thrilled that this band; Tacoma, find my songs worth playing and whenever people listen and comment on our music it makes me completely and utterly happy.
A deeply felt gratitude goes out to the present and any former members of Tacoma.

Steen Hartmann:
Steens musical career started way back in the late seventies where a freind sold him a tenor banjo and teached him a few chords. He found out that a mandolin would be a better instrument to play in a setting with guitar, violin, 5string banjo, bas and drums. He formed a band playing danish, irish and american folk music. They called themselves "Puttes Perlehøns" Along the way they started playing more and more bluegrass song. They were pretty famous in the southern part of Seeland and played twice at the "Femø Jazz festival" and once a month in Vognporten Jazz club in Copenhagen. The band stopped around the early eighties when several bandmembers got married and had children. Steen joined TACOMA in the beginning of 2007.

Mikkel Christian Larsen:
Being the grand-grad-grand son of the famous up-right bassplayer Ludvig Hegner, Mikkel had little chance to avoid the bass.
However, for many years a table-tennis racket was the preferred instrument, before the bass was picked up in the early 90`ties.
For the last 20 years, Mikkel has been around many musical genres from hard rock, to singer-songwriting, but always loyal to his 72 Jazz Bass.
Mikkel Joined Tacoma in 2008.

Claus Paaske:
Soon to come

Nis Bramsen:
Soon to come

Majbritt Smith:
Soon to come

Børn/Show & Stand-Up

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